Saturday, August 16, 2008

Video in the classroom. Kids behind the camera.

I've been contemplating ways to enhance my teaching this year by using video. I'm determined to make video cameras a staple in my classroom this year. Nothing seems to excite students more than the prospect of being in pictures.

One idea I've been mulling over involves students acting out a script to teach a math concept. Even if they don't really understand what they're teaching, I think they could memorize a script and act out the scene. Videos should peak student interest. Acting activates multiple intelligences. And, content isn't compromised. I will post more as I develop a more concrete lesson plan and again as I execute the lesson.

I also intend to incorporate video into normal daily routines. There's something about knowing you're being recorded that makes you want to do your best. Not only will it encourage students to be at their best, it will also motivate me to be on top of my game as a teacher.

I certainly welcome any ideas about other ways that I can effectively use video in my math classes.

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